Joseph E. Samuels, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

The therapist uses bamboo stalks of different lengths and diameters. Even though it seems that bamboo massage is a technique that has been promoted lately in magazines and by some high end spas, it has ancient roots in China, Indonesia and Japan.

The massage therapist uses bamboo that comes in different sizes. Some fit in the palm of their hands so that they are able to reach into small areas such as under the scapula and also larger 12” length sticks which assist in the ability of the therapist to provide deeper pressure. The bamboo sticks are worked as an extension of the therapist hands, forearms and elbows allowing them to work deeper and more effectively.

Due to the bamboo not only being a hard wood but also one that is flexible, it also allows the therapist to easily adjust their pressure. In addition, using the 12” sticks for long, slow strokes, the client has nothing to do but relax and let all of their stress disappear.

Most massage therapist heat the bamboo and also use different types of essential oils. Due to the bamboo being an organic material and having the fiber properties throughout, this makes it a product that once heated, will hold the heat during the entire massage providing many therapeutic benefits.