Joseph E. Samuels, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine is a science that has been used in the East for thousands of years, and is comprised of many different modalities such as acupuncture, Oriental medical pharmacology, Oriental medical nutrition, moxibustion, cupping, counseling, etc. Oriental Medicine is based on a theory that states there are channels or pathways of energy that travel throughout the body. These channels connect directly to our internal organs. When our organs do not function properly we become ill. At specific locations along these channels there are what is known as acupuncture points. By stimulating the acupuncture points with acupuncture needles or by administering other modalities of Oriental Medicine, we can affect the function of any given organ and correct the organ dysfunction. In many cases, even if there is structural damage to, or deterioration of that organ, its function can still be greatly improved by the use of these medical techniques.

One of the greatest benefits of using Oriental Medicine is the fact that in many cases, the patients will be able to completely eliminate the use of pharmaceutical drugs. In today’s society, reducing even half of the medication will put an end to many of the side effects caused by taking them. Also, in clinic, I run into cases where a Western trained physician will send a patient to me because the patient is unable to take a certain medication or the patient is just not responding to treatment and the physician needs another option. Because Oriental Medicine does not create side effects, I believe it is one of the safest and most effective ways to heal a patient.

After many years of operating a family medical practice, I am convinced Eastern and Western medicine each have a lot to offer and this combination provides for the finest health care available.

Remember, if you or a family member would like to incorporate acupuncture or any other modality of Oriental Medicine into your health care plan, always make sure the only person who treats you is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.