Joseph E. Samuels, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Medical massage can be used to describe a general category of massage that provides relief to pain and medical aliments. Injuries sustained from auto accidents or workman’s compensation incidents, scar tissue build up from surgeries, fibromyalgia symptoms, TMJ, neck and back pain, sinus and headache pain, sciatica pain and stress related issues just to name a few, are all issues that will improve with the use of medical massage on a regular basis.

There are many types of massage such as deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage and craniosacral therapy which your massage therapist can use to help aid and assist in the alleviation of the pain you may be experiencing from your medical issues. In addition, even relaxation massage can be considered medical massage when it is used strictly for palliative care.

Medical massage is normally performed in a medical clinic under the supervision of a physician. With the addition of a prescription from your physician stating you are required to receive massage due to medical issues; you may be able to receive coverage under your insurance provider. The clinic administrator will be able to help you verify your coverage and submit the proper paperwork.