Joseph E. Samuels, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Reflexology was brought to America in the early 1900’s by Chinese Immigrants. This type of massage is a therapeutic treatment that is usually performed on the feet but can also be done on one’s hands.

This type of treatment is based on the belief that there are areas on your feet and hands that correspond with all of the other parts of your body including major organs. Reflexology is a healing therapy that is centered on treating an individual as a whole.

The therapist will stimulate specific areas of your feet or hands and by applying different pressures they can “clear” out blocked areas of your body through the areas that correspond between your feet and your body. An example would be that if the client was having some type of respiratory issue, the therapist would apply pressure and stimulate the area on our feet that would correspond to your lungs.

It has been stated that reflexology assists with symptoms related to migraine and sinus pain, breathing and digestive disorders, along with tension and stress just to name a few.