Joseph E. Samuels, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

A relaxation massage usually consists of the therapist providing an environment that is comforting, calming and peaceful. Strokes that are long, flowing and gliding combined with pressure that is designed to make you relax, are what you will receive during your session. The purpose is not to work on any chronic conditions or aliments during a relaxation massage.

A relaxation massage can have many added health benefits. Adding relaxation massage into your health regime on a regular basis may help to reduce any stress related illnesses which in turn can assist in providing a boost to your immune system. Relaxation massage can assist in improving your circulation and provide some reduction in muscle tension which sometimes include headache pain and tension.

Many times people may interpret hot stone massage, bamboo massage and even Swedish massage as types of relaxation massages. Any therapy that can provide the relaxation from every day stress, falls into this category.