Joseph E. Samuels, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Both the professional and the amateur weekend athlete are especially prone to muscle tension and injuries due to the overuse and added exertion put on their bodies from training for and participating in sporting events. Sports massage is usually a blend of different techniques including Swedish and others which are performed by massage therapists who tailor them to the needs of the athlete. Different types of sporting events put different demands on athletes. The muscle groups used by swimmers are different than those used by football players or marathon runners.

Sports massage therapy is typically used by athletes prior to events to help them prepare for the stress, including muscle fatigue, muscle swelling and tension, promote flexibility and to prevent any injury they might otherwise risk during their performance. The body’s soft tissues build up stress and tension by overuse due to physical activity. Massage cannot only help the athlete prepare themselves for peak performance in their events but afterwards assist with muscle soreness and strained muscles they might acquire.

Athletes, no matter how prepared they may be throughout their training and actual events, sometimes are still prone to injuries. No matter how minor their injury might be, by receiving massage, they can heal from these injuries in a more timely fashion and in most instances without the use of any type of medication. Most athletes find that incorporating sports massage as part of their training routine, are able to reduce injuries and obtain optimal performance.